The Islamic Monthly Column

I’ve taken up a regular column spot at The Islamic Monthly, an American magazine that looks at all aspects of post-9/11 society, with special focus on Muslim communities in the West. I touch on a lot of politics, but also write a bit about culture and, if/when I feel like it, sports. I’ve developed a special place for MMA and NBA basketball over the years, so you’ve been warned.

Give it a read when you have some time.

From The Islamic Monthly’s “About” page:

“The Islamic Monthly (TIM) is an independent, nonreligious, U.S. based hybrid print and digital publication that fosters discussion on a broad range of issues and concerns related to the modern world. The magazine launched in January 2011 in an effort to create a forum for the free exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions. TIM is part of an ongoing experiment of a free press eager to build on the rich tradition of public discourse found in throughout history. We firmly believe that an honest discourse is only possible when we open ourselves to response, criticism, feedback and debate. In this spirit, we invite our readers, supporters and critics to participate in this process.”




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