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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. yole says:

    You have balls and i think that’s nice.
    I wish you keep expressing your ideas weither they are shitty or not.
    I read your article about China.
    It was nice. You could have made some deeper analysis and i hope you will. There is real a lack of deep analysis about China nowadays. Unfortunatly, journalists which are too few, are too busy to do some real investigation work and lack balls… help them :*(

    PolyMaster the French dude

  2. Darrin Stevenson says:

    I just had to comment on your great article on CBC News, “Canada’s Trump copycats must be held accountable, says Steven Zhou” (Dec. 16, 2016). I couldn’t agree more and we have to call these wannabees on their crap, Canada is the last place we should have to tolerate that kind of intolerance; I know, funny though right? Anyway, good for us is those kinds of people at least show their faces and if the Cons are the leading that fight, all the better. Again, excellent article and thanks, we need to be vigilant. Please keep that up!

  3. AaronJSorensen says:

    The looping intolerance of intolerance is going to rip us apart. Bigotry is intolerance toward the opinions of others. Violent intolerance of the opinions of others is fascism. We must let everyone speak. Suppressing ideas and speech is tyrannical fascism – regardless of the direction it points.

  4. Dood McMan says:

    This pathetic troll calls Faith Goldy (a JEW) is a ‘Nazi’ because she doesn’t want Canada flooded with criminal invaders who are trying to destroy it = typical “KILLWHITEY!” rhetoric from this clown. Go read his defamatory lies yourself via this link:

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