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Buzzfeed Canada

A Woman Says A Conservative MP Angrily Kicked Her Door After Not Getting Her Vote


“Salafi” does not equal “terrorist”: Stop assuming all conservative Muslims are violent extremists

The Globe and Mail

My Teenage Faith in Jesus was Tied to Joseph–My Mentor


China will never advance as a society if it remains obsessed with playing the victim

Al Jazeera English

Canada’s Tragic Legacy in Afghanistan

Canada’s Foreign Policy: Business Before Human Rights

Canada’s Muslims: From detoxing radicalisation to citizenship

The Stephen Harper doctrine: With me or against me?

Al Jazeera America

Calls for Islamic reformation are misguided

China’s path to power runs through Pakistan 

Canada doesn’t need a US-style surveillance state

CBC News

Stingray cellphone-snooping technology needs regulation

Deradicalization is about much more than just religious scripture

‘Securitization’ of Canadian policing leads to lack of accountability

The BDS motion and Canada’s relationship with Israel

Don’t push rosy portrayals of refugee crisis response

Paris attackers can’t be bombed into submission

Stephen Harper is gone, but his legacy isn’t

Canada’s problematic relationship with the U.A.E.

Conservatives losing the public with ‘anti-terrorism’ gimmickry

Harper’s Tories mobilize Canada’s Muslims to vote – but not for him

Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

Climate change: Canada doesn’t even seem to be trying, critic says

The Canada Revenue Agency’s political inquisitions

ISIS: Prime Minister Harper’s top political bogeyman of the day

Literary Review of Canada 

Confronting ISIS How do we respond to terrorism and other geopolitical threats?

The Huffington Post

Refugee Crisis Highlights Need for More Engagement Among Canadians

Duffy Affair Shows Importance of Election-Time Civic Skepticism

Canadian Muslims Must Use Their Votes This Election

Metro Toronto

Mixer for ‘millennial Muslims’ comes to Toronto

Conservatives have more Muslim supporters than you might expect

Stephen Harper prioritized politics ahead of human rights with Mohamed Fahmy

The Ottawa Citizen
(n/a due to lack of electronic archive)

NOW Magazine

Muslim Leaders Break Bread with Toronto Queers

Briarpatch Magazine

Young Muslims and the Federal Election

The American Conservative

The Left’s Ignorant Islam Critics

Canada’s Patriot Act Moment

Amid Cease-Fires, A Broken Peace Process

The Dangers of Naive Diplomacy


Sartoria Darzi


Racism in Stephen Harper’s Canada

Middle East Eye

Canada’s racialised militarism

The utter inefficacy of overbearing security laws


Conservatives resort to McCarthyism as criticism of Bill C-51 escalates

Harper’s New ‘Anti-terror’ Laws Threaten Basic Freedoms

Canada’s Islamophobia Problem


Devrions-nous etre Charlie Hebdo?

Book Review: The Jihadis Return by Patrick Cockburn

Book Review: The Dogs are Eating Them Now by Graeme Smith

The Islamic Monthly

The Meaning of “Mecca_live”

Omar Khadr and the Passion of Dennis Edney

Justin Trudeau and the Reality of Political Impotence


The Problem with Irshad Manji

Embassy Magazine

Inside Syria’s “Arab Nightmare”

Foreign correspondent Fisk talks Harper’s foreign policy and the Arab Awakening

Islamists vs. Liberals: a simplistic portrayal of the Arab Spring

Be tougher enough on Egyptian military: Mazigh


Proposed legislation effectively states that agribusiness and journalism do not mix

Proposed Tory omnibus crime bill raises concerns of civil liberties

Justin Trudeau, Palestine and the politics of right-wing smear campaigns

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti: Canada’s unconditional support for Israeli policy is ‘astonishing’

Muslim Link

Younger generation more sensitive to needs of disabled 

McGill student’s run-in with U.S. border agents prompts lawsuit

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald calls out Ottawa on muddled priorities on terrorism 

Islam Care Centre to expand for more services

Muslim cemeteries to open in Richmond Hill and Ottawa this summer 

Women, youth the focus of CU Israeli Apartheid Week

Prayers essential part of school life: Muslim students

Campaign responds to violence with Prophetic grace

Humanitarian crisis imminent in Africa’s Sahel region

Halifax community could lose Islamic centre

WAMY Canada loses charitable status

Tories pass controversial omnibus crime bill

Dissident Voice

Discourse and Representation in the Post-9/11 World

“Radicalization” and the Future of an Empire

Jumping the Gun on Operation Samosa

Canada’s Disturbing “Solution” to Alleged Islamic Extremism

The Electronic Intifada

Canadian Boat to Gaza to break siege, overcome “aid traps”


Canada’s Latest Bad Idea: Ideological Detox and the Muslim Community

The Canadian Charger

The future of Libya

Egypt: the end of political cynicism

European Austerity; European Rebellion

Senate killing Bill C-311 shameful

The end of the Sarkozy romance?

The fall of Barack Obama?

Quran Burning — lessons for us all

American hypocrisy vs. Wikileaks

Pakistan drowning, Canada offers little

Omar Khadr, a Canadian Tragedy

Toronto becomes a war zone






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